The community is at the heart of everything we do.

We want to keep our Stretford community thriving, especially through the new regeneration of the town centre.

We offer a shake to anyone in our community who helps Stretford look that little bit cleaner.

 All we ask is you tidy up your local area and take a picture as proof, pop along to see us and we will give you one of our delicious milkshakes

We run a suspended coffee scheme. Customers donate a hot drink, sandwich, cake available for anyone who is struggling. Customers can just ask at the counter for a suspended item and they will be given it free of charge with no questions asked.

Syd's food club

Our daughter Sydney decided she wanted to help local kids and families out in the holiday times with food and drink for those who may be struggling. With some wonderful donations from our community we now host holiday breakfasts and sandwiches. Just like our suspended coffees anyone can come to the counter and ask for Syd's breakfast or sandwich bags and you will be given a choice of food free of charge.