We don't served fast food, we serve great food as fast as we can

Our menus cater for many dietary requirements, we always have vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, dairy alternatives available

Please inform staff of any allergies and/or dietary requirements when ordering

Light Breakfast

£3.75 Overnight Oats [V] [VG] with a choice of fresh fruit, berry compote, blueberries, and cocoa nibs

£3.75 Granola [V] [VG] with a choice of fresh fruit, berry compote, blueberries and cocoa nibs

£3.75 Yoghurt Sundae [V] Topped with granola, a choice of Mango or Berry compote

£3.50 Yoghurt Honey Strawberry Sundae [V]


£7.50 All day Full English Breakfast

£5.75 Small All day Full English Breakfast

£4.50 Scrambled eggs on toast [V] (seeded,brown,white, gluten-free)

£3.00 Breakfast bap (1 item, from Bacon,Sausage,egg)

£6.95 Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

£7.25 Avacado smash, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

£6.95 Eggs Benedict poached eggs and sliced ham on toasted muffins, covered with hollandaise sauce. 

£6.95 Eggs Hemingway poached eggs and salmon on toasted muffins, covered with hollandaise sauce. 

£6.95 Eggs Florentine poached eggs on toasted muffins, covered with hollandaise sauce. 

£4.25 Pancakes [V] with a choice of fresh fruit, maple syrup, mixed berry compote, hazelnut spread

£4.25 Waffles [V] With a choice of fruit and syrup, fruits and chocolate, ice-cream

£1.25 Toast A selection of breads available.

£1.75 Crumpets, Tea Cakes

Served with choice of jam, marmalade, honey, chocolate spread (locally sourced when available), butter

£4.00 Breakfast bagel - choice off egg and cheese, tuna, onions and mushrooms, smoked salmon (£4.50)


£7.50 Quesadillas  Choose 3 fillings (extra fillings 50p) mushrooms, onions, cheese, ham, peppers, sweetcorn ,chicken, tuna, feta, halloumi

£5.00 Sweet Potato Jacket Choose 2 fillings (extra fillings £1.00)  Tuna mayo & sweetcorn, beans, cheese, slaw, five bean chilli

£4.00 Soup of the day - and a roll

£5.00 Wraps - choice of fillings: Chicken (choice of regular or piri piri), Tuna & mayo, Smoked salmon & créme fraîche, Cheese, Ham

£5.00 Paninis (2 fillings) Ham, cheese, onion, peppers, mushrooms, tuna, chicken (extra 50p)

£3.00 Sandwiches - choice of fillings:

Cheese, ham, tuna mayo, cheese

£3.50 Jumbo hot dog - with onions

Cheese 50p extra, Chilli £1 extra

£5.00 Loaded wedges - Cheese and onions, five bean chilli and cheese , Bbq chicken and cheese, Piri Piri chicken and cheese

£2.00 Wedges

£9.00 Pieminister Pies served with Mash /Chunky chips (VE) and Gravy  

MOO - A British beef steak & craft ale pie, KATE & SIDNEY - A British beef steak, kidney & craft ale pie, FUNGI CHICKEN - A free range British chicken, portobello & chestnut mushroom pie, LIGHT AS A FETA - A spinach, feta cheese, kale, lemon & garlic filo pie, MOOLESS MOO - A jackfruit 'steak', craft ale and black pepper pie

Ice Cream

£2.50 1 scoop Ice cream includes a topping       £3.00 2 scoop Ice cream includes a topping

Choose from Chocolate , vanilla , raspberry ripple ,mango, nutella, biscoff, bueno and oreo

£4.00 Ice cream sandwich, 1 scoop of ice cream between 2 cookies.


£1.00 Cookies

£1.50 Shortbread

£2.50 Cakes

£2.00 Scone with butter

£3.00 Deluxe Scone cream ,jam and butter included

£5.00 Cream tea - Scone, butter, clotted cream, jam, tea or coffee

£1.00 Nutrition bars

£0.50 Fruit

£12.00 pp Afternoon tea - pre book only ,ask at the counter for more details 



£1.70 £2.00 Espresso

£2.30 £2.50 Americano

£2.50 £2.70 Flat White

£2.60 £2.80 Latte

£2.70 £2.90 Cappuccino

£3.00 £3.20 Mocha

£2.70 Cortado

£2.70 Machiato

£2.60 £2.90 Hot Chocolate

£2.90 £3.10 Luxury Hot Chocolate

£0.60 Natural shots

£2.00 Traditional Teas

£2.00 Speciality Teas

£2.00 Fitness Teas

£3.50 Smoothies

£2.50 Shakes

£3.75 Protein Smoothies

£3.50 Protein Shakes

£0.50 Bottled Water

£1.20 Flavoured Water

£1.20 Cans

£1.20 Cartons

Smoothies and Shakes


Berry Bish Bash - Raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, honey, apple juice 

Smiler - Pineapple, mango, honey and orange juice


Hulk - Protein powder, spirulina, mango, pineapple, yogurt, orange juice 

Batman - Cacao powder, almond butter, protein powder, almond milk 

Wonder Woman - Protein powder, spirulina, yogurt ,mixed dark berries

£2.50 SHAKES - *Alternative milk available

Chocolate/Strawberry/Vanilla ice cream, milk*, shake powder

£4.00 ULTIMATE SHAKES - *Alternative milk available 

 Kinder Bueno - Oreo- Jammy Dodger